0 thoughts on “Weekend Frig: I prefer to maintain a platonic relationship with my lunch, thank you very much

  1. “My bologna has a first name… it’s BLAAH-HAARGHHH-gle, BLARGH!”

    That doesn’t only blow, it sucks.

  2. That is just so freakin perverted, on so many levels. And they’re marketing this shit to kids!!! So do we look at it from the bulimia level, the blow job level, or just the really bad food level?

  3. Tina – We definitely look at it from the blow job level. I don’t think we have any other choice. Also? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is priceless. God, I wish I owned some of that. I’d keep it out and prominently displayed on my desk at work.

  4. Oh Jesus. Now I have to sexualize my bubble-gum too? Can’t we just eat our junk food anymore?

    I don’t have time for this.

  5. jenertia, don’t laugh: there’s also a bologna version.

    tina, i think we all know the answer.

    az, and there it is. correct.

    naomi,you much photograph those reactions and then post them on the internet.

    terry, wrong on 10 levels, hilarious on 1. therefore, leaning heavily toward the wrong.

    tracy, quite.

    erin, you can just prescribe the packaging, forget about the actual gum.

    peter, those hooves are going for like, $45 and ounce. it’s no joke.

    BHL, well, since we’ve sexualized children we had to move on to SOMETHING.

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