TNS: Because Barnes & Noble Didn't Have the Le Bernadin Book on Their Shelves The Day I Went

Shut up, I needed some retail therapy and I have their discount card.  I can only stimulate the economy so much without coupons.  I like to support my local big-box bookstore whenever I can, because this upstart Amazon is usually cheaper and is really giving the brick-and-mortars a run for their money, let me tell you.

They didn’t have any great looking Spanish cookbooks either, and was I especially loathe to buy the new Batali-frolics-across-Spain book because (1) I wanted to buy a cookbook, not a series of photos of his orange Crocs in various Spanish locales and (2) it would have meant looking at way too many pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow, whose GOOP still leaves me with a significant amount of ass-chappage. Gwyneth: cursing, especially when you ******* out most of the word, does not up your cred level.  If you really want to start nourishing the my inner aspect, you’re going to have to start dropping f-bombs like they’re hot.

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Cheap Ass Monday: Ceci n'est pas Cioppino

Is there a more relaxing Monday night than sitting splayed on the couch with a camphor-and-menthol covered leg wrapped in plastic wrap and sitting on a heating pad, while you precariously balance a marginally functional 2001 laptop on a copy of Watchmen* on your other leg? I submit that there is not, especially since I don’t watch Heros.** I’m doing it though, because (1) the leg thing actually feels really good once you get over the plastic wrap-weirdness and (2) the foodblogosphere must know about this quick, easy and cheap pasta and fish with spicy, garlicky, fennel-y tomato sauce.

*You have to have something between your leg and the laptop, because I think the 2001 models were actually coal-fired, and they get really fucking hot. By the way, Watchmen is only $11 at Amazon right now. You need to hustle over there right now, and spend your $11 on the book instead of a movie ticket.

**I inadvertently typedEros” the first time, which is the version of “Heros” that comes on on Cinemax late at night.

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Recession Special Hobo Monday: March 2009

I know I’m late. We went to see Watchmen last night, got home late, and I was so traumatized by it that I had to re-read the book to erase the memory of the film from my brain. NOTE TO FILMMAKERS: Simply making a film that looks incredibly visually similar to a comic book does NOT MAKE A GOOD MOVIE. Also, the screenwriter should be forced to give back whatever he was paid because he did not do anything except re-type the text of the comic into Microsoft Word, and the “visionary” director should be chained to a blackboard and be forced to write out the definition of “visionary” 500 times. In his own blood.

Anyway, I’m pulling together the roundup now. In the meantime, lots of you shared your cheap meals in the comments to Monday’s post, so you can skim those and relive the good times while you plan out your day which should NOT include going to see Watchmen.*

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