Awesome Shit That I Want Tuesday

Tiny bowls.  Bowls with HATS.  Bowls with hats that cost a BAJILLION DOLLARS.*  But they’re so fucking cute, they make me want to puke rainbows.  I want to have them all on my kitchen table, filled with sugar cubes, and I don’t even use sugar cubes.  And they would be all, like, “YOU CANNOT RESIST THE SUGAR CUBES FROM OUR ADORABLE HAT-TOPPED BELLIES,” and they would totally be right.

And then my day would be filled with boundless whimsy.  Maybe I would keep one at work, filled with cherry Jolly Ranchers to ensure that the whimsy would last throughout the day.  Seriously, look at these things (Although the one in the middle does look a little Kaiser Wilhelm-y in a cute way, but he could also just be preparing for a safari.).

Do you not already feel a slight whimsy increase?  If you don’t, I’m pretty sure something is broken deep inside you.  And I’m completely overstating the price: it’s only $725 for the set!

They are killing me with cuteness.

*The whole thing costs a bajillion dollars, not just the hats.  Also, the WordPress editor will not recognize “bajillion,” but will recognize “bazillion.”  I call shenanigans.  (Irony:  It also fails to recognize “WordPress.”)

One Year Ago: I dare say, that is a dreadfully good sandwich.

0 thoughts on “Awesome Shit That I Want Tuesday

  1. Awww. They’d go great with my salad-spoons-with-feet…but not at the price of a mortgage payment or two. Dammit.

  2. I love you. And I wish that I could send this post to all of my friends at work but I can’t with the word shit in it.

    And if I take it out, doesn’t have the same effect. Sigh.
    (and I want those frikkin bowls more than is right.)

  3. No you were right the first time… $725 is the exact equivalent of a bajillion fucking dollars when it comes to BOWLS. Although I will hand it to you, they are AWFULLY adorable.

  4. Oh my, surely those are tiny Enlighted Buddhas of cups, or maybe they are 3 of the 8 Immortals of cups. And you achieve peace and enlightenment by rubbing their tummies, or maybe by spinning their hats. Or both. Just think, enlightenment and eternal Nirvana for only $725. Too bad they didn’t tell us about this before the economy talked.

  5. These reminded me so much of a Looney Tunes cartoon from my past that I went to look at them, in hopes there was a mention of the cartoon from whence these little marching soldier bowls sprang – and I found the matching Milky Major and the Sugary Soldier set! Aww. Martial tableware; how are you so adorable?

  6. Ooooh, very cute! And did you see that there is a matching sugar and cream set for a mere $350 more? I wonder how much extra the shipping is… (going to look in my wallet to see if there might be $1000 hiding behind one the crinkled $5)

  7. Excuse me for commenting twice…

    But wait!! If you live in the continental US, there is no charge for the shipping! Goodness, how sad for me that I live in Canada. Otherwise, I might be very tempted to get sets for everyone in my family.

  8. “Also, the WordPress editor will not recognize “bajillion,” but will recognize “bazillion.” I call shenanigans. (Irony: It also fails to recognize “Wordpress.”)

    I love that, the dumb things that dumb thing does…
    I ran into that site a while back and I cry each time I look at it. When it comes to rent or a set of bowls being damn grown up keeps winning.

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