We've gotta get this shit back to normal.

Re: “My Husband is a Cheap Son of a Bitch”:

My husband remains NOT a cheap son of a bitch; in fact, spending money freely is one of his favorite activities.  I’m just checking in to tell you that in taking a second look at my analytics I’ve noticed that ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE PEOPLE have found me via the search string “countering jalapeños in my nose.”

Let’s all ponder that.  What are we teaching our children? I mean, raisins in the nose, sure; we’ve all been there.  Bean in the nose, even.  But jalapeños in the nose?  That’s just depravity, excessive drug use (e.g., meth, which would make it seem like a good idea), or inadequate drug use (e.g., weed, because then you would just eat the jalapeños).

I’m just saying, is what.

0 thoughts on “We've gotta get this shit back to normal.

  1. So, does that mean that if I mention that, As a child, some other little shit of a child poured Tabasco Sauce in my husband’s eyes, temporarily blinding him, that people can look up “Tabasco In The Eye” and find your blog? Or does it not apply to comments?
    Because that would make an interesting number of hits due to stupid children and spicy food substances.

    (p.s. – he still has 20/10 vision somehow, while I was legally blind before Lasik. Apparently Tabasco cauterizes the eyes so they do not age… yeah… that sounds scientifically sound.)

  2. So do you think this means that 153 individual people have put jalapenos up their noses or that one “incredibly incapable of learning from past experiences” person has shoved a jalapeno up his nose 153 times?

  3. tina, yeah right.

    chessa, i don’t know if it applies to comments. maybe you should test that out.

    rachel, no, you probably don’t want to know.

    robin, you have hit the million-dollar question.

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