Democracy in Action!

THE POLLS HAVE OFFICIALLY CLOSED: THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, AND THEY DEMAND SHELLFISH. Item number 2 has been chosen, so you’ll never know what was in picture number 1. Well, until tomorrow, when I tell you.  But for tonight, off to write about item 2: Best-Ever Shrimp and Grits.

Cheap Ass Monday is on hiatus for today as I celebrate President’s Day with an attempt to stimulate the economy and end our current financial crisis once and for all. I have two possible entries for tonight. Please exercise your right to representation by deciding which you’d rather see by picking from the two options based only on the following evidence:

Item the First:


Item the second:


YOU MAKE THE CALL…YOU TAKE THE FALL! You have until 8:30PM EST to make a decision.

0 thoughts on “Democracy in Action!

  1. This poll link doesn’t work for me for some reason. Dang.
    Item 2 looks like it smells great. I’m with Peggasus, 1 does look like grass clippings in milk. Hehe

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