Rock the (pity) vote!

So did you know there was this thing called the Well Fed Network? And they want you to give me some kind of award?

Apparently, they find me to be humorous. Like I’m a clown. A trained monkey. Still, I do like to win awards, what with never having won one before, so here are some reasons to vote for me:

  • I slipped on ice and landed with all my body weight on the SAME SPOT on my left knee twice in two days. I know what you’re thinking: “At least the knee is the body part best designed to absorb massive lateral shock.” Still, my knee is roughly six times the size of a normal knee. Ibuprofen helps, but winning an award would help more.
  • I know David Lebovitz and his ice cream recipes are better than anyone’s but he’s famous enough already.
  • If I’ve ever made you snort Coke* and/or orange juice and/or beer out your nose, you owe me.
  • I drop the f-bomb WAY more than any of the other nominees.
  • I will give each of you a dollar.
  • Not really.

So mosey on over and make your selection for Best Food Blog – Humor. “Selection” meaning “me.”

While you’re there, check out the other categories and all the great blogs nominated in the other categories that are almost as good as mine. There are some up-and-comers – Tartelette, Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks – that I think you’re really going to be hearing from one of these days.

*The SODA, you fiends.

Note:  Some people have reported problems with the polling software they’re using. I don’t know what to tell you, except try, try and try again.

0 thoughts on “Rock the (pity) vote!

  1. You’re winning right now. All because of me and MY vote, of course, so I expect that dollar when you get your cash prize (there should totally be a cash prize). But I would also accept toffee in lieu of money.

  2. I’m voting for you for two reasons. First, you make me snort coffee out of my nose frequently, and second, you make me drool almost as frequently. You’re awesome.

  3. Even though you’ve never made me snort liquids, my back is worse off than your knee, and you aren’t sending me a dollar, David Lebovitz IS way too famous already and you do have the “fuck”ing record. You had my vote anyway and you didn’t even have to ask for it. You win in my book (you are also winning the contest by a landslide so far)! Go Michelle.

  4. You are pretty funny — hilarious, actually. But I voted for myself, you know, because I’m not very humble. I did pimp quite a few votes yesterday early on, and it was fun, but I bow down to your awesomeness at this point. But only because you have to deal with ice. I live amongst the palms…sure they don’t belong here, but still.

  5. You’re on. You are the funniest freakin chick out there. You’re welcome at my house for rice and beans anytime. Perhaps, for you, I’ll even splurge on something more expensive. But probably not. A vote and rice and beans is all you’re likely to get. At least until I know you better.
    Good luck- hope you win.

  6. kellypea, totally allowable. i voted for myself too, what with the egomania and all.

    robin, good rice and beans are more than enough. i usually find myself in maplewood to go to that irish pub on whatever that main street is, and maybe to buy some cheese (clearly, i’m on quite intimate terms with maplewood), but beans and rice are like a siren song to me.

  7. You’re winning by a landslide — I voted for you because ever since I found your site (app. two weeks ago) my productivity level at work has declined dramatically — you’re more addictive than frickin diet dr. pepper, thanks for the laughs!

  8. It should make you feel good that I had already voted for you BEFORE reading this. That’s true devotion. Or insanity. Whichever makes you feel better.

  9. I voted for you before I even read your list. You are sooo funny! I love reading your blog. (Sometimes I even try the recipes :)

  10. amy, welcome! i’m not 100% sure how i feel about being compared to a diet dr. pepper – i’d prefer a klondike bar, or at least a homemade vanilla coke – but if you tell me it’s good, thanks!

    kate, i feel that we have a special bond that only vague internet acquaintances can have. [hugs]

    nilda, thanks!

  11. You don’t know me, but I know (and by know, I mean read) you, and I was thrilled to vote for you. You crack me up. And also, yesterday I slipped on ice on the way to work and fell on my knee and ripped my favorite work pants. So I really feel you there.

  12. You fucking rule! I think I voted for you – I’m at work and got the IS finger when I clicked on my ballot. I’ll try again tonight from home.

    Your posts inspire me to get off my ass and utilize the amazing kitchen remodel I’m still paying for. If you can make g’damn madelines in your apt (even attempt to make g’damn madelines)? I can whip up a meal at least fortnightly. Keep up the good work.

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