Technology, destroying life's pleasures one forkful at a time.

“The IC3 concept consists of a computerized shaft with 3 interchangeable eating apparatuses; fork, spoon, and knife. The fork analyzes composition such as fat, protein, sugars. The spoon measures weight, and the knife takes temperature readings. Together this info creates a detailed report on what you’re eating.” (From Yanko Design)

Then it feeds the info right into a database at my insurance company, and my coverage gets dropped.

But you can’t catch me: I’ll eat with my hands, fuckers.

The First Thursday Wagon is a-Coming Down the Street

There will be no Cheap Ass Monday tonight, in recognition of the fact that I have just completed NaBloPoMo AND I had to wake up at 4:30 this morning to get some relatives to the airport for a hellaciously early flight.

Instead, a reminder:  This Thursday is the First Thursday.  Visit the page to consult the rules and check out this month’s valuable giveaway (which is nice, people, so really, I need to see some entries here).  The theme: hors d’oeuvres.  Perfect, since you’re recipe-testing for your New Years’ Eve cocktail party.  Get crack-a-lackin’!

All you dozens of readers who moan every month about how you forgot and you’ll do it next month and you were trapped in a burning barn under a fallen rafter and blah blah blah.  NO MORE EXCUSES.  THERE IS NO TRY, THERE IS ONLY DO OR DO NOT.