Weekend Frig: Yes, I am 12 Years Old

But you already knew that.

This pic was taken by faithful and intrepid reader Gary, also known as my father-in-law. Because he is also 12 years old, or possibly younger, so point the finger at him if it brings on an attack of the vapors.

Yes, I know people in other English-speaking countries have different words for things and why should this be funny? But I speak American English and it just fucking is, like “bumbershoot.”

See? Spicy cock. You know you are laughing, at least on the inside.

0 thoughts on “Weekend Frig: Yes, I am 12 Years Old

  1. HA! we collect “have to see to believe” cans and things from the store, and we have this very packet on display in the kithchen…always a conversation piece.

  2. Must add this to our collection. Along with the spotted dick. We are 10 years old, so imagine our delight complete with the giggles, finger pointing and other inappropreate references. Tee hee hee

  3. That’s like Sriracha Sauce being referred to, not necessarily advertised as, but referred to as’Cock Sauce’… Simply because there is a Rooster as the Logo on the front of the bottle. Hilarious. Yes… I can sometimes be a 12 year old boy as well.

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