Oh, the weather outside is Frig(ht)ful

Question: What do hamburgers and marshmallows have in common?

But first: So many of you came so very close to the last Frig.  Yes, it was a cheeseburger on its side.  Yes, it was from In-N-Out  It was, in fact, a chunk of an 8 by 6 – 8 quarter-pound patties, 6 slices of cheese.

Every day, I think about the fact that In-N-Out is only on the West Coast and I die a little inside.

You know what else makes me die a little inside?  This:

It’s a marshmallow!  Shaped like a cheeseburger!  With fake sesame seeds on the bun that look just a little more like sperm than makes me comfortable!  It’s the MALLOWBURGER!

Please note two important facts about the label:

  1. It is low sodium and cholesterol-free!  Healthy choices, people. Healthy choices.
  2. It is described as the All-American “Fun” Burger, with “Fun” in quotes.  Is this just another case of inappropriate use of quotation marks, or is someone in marketing secretly trying to tell us something about this product?

Whatever, I’m sure we’ll all be eating them in our bunkers while we wait out the future nuclear winter because they’ll be one of the few foodstuffs – if you can really call them that – that will survive, so we better get used to them now.  But don’t worry, it’s not like we’ll have to rely on the Mallowburger alone:


0 thoughts on “Oh, the weather outside is Frig(ht)ful

  1. OK, the burger I can kind of deal with. The fries and “ketchup”? Make me throw up in my mouth a little. Why the hell does it say “soup” on the package?

    (Oh, and I blogged that mini-meatball lasagna recipe today, if you wanted to check it out before tracking down the Friends cookbook)

  2. for crying in the sink! junk food isn’t junky enough that it has to be made more junky by making it from marshmallow?

    good grief!

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