Thursday Night Smackdown: Whores de Orvees

You can’t go wrong with the Barefoot Contessa, you just can’t; and that Charlie Palmer can whip up a mean citrusy Asian sauce.

Unfortunately, you can go hella wrong with bipolar disorder. You may have noticed a lack of recipe posts and an upswing in bullshitty posts, and it’s because things are just weird and unstable around here. Y’all are awesome for getting into the non-foodie posts too, but don’t think I haven’t noticed and don’t want things to get back to normal around here.

Tonight is not the night that will happen, though: it’s late, and actively working to be sane all day is tiring work. So I give you lemon chicken with peanut satay sauce and shrimp tempura with sweet citrus chile dipping sauce in pictures, and an IOU for the words (And I’m no welcher).

0 thoughts on “Thursday Night Smackdown: Whores de Orvees

  1. Aw, don’t worry. You’ll come back ’round soon enough. BPD is nothing if not cyclic. Anyway, I had a very, very close friend with BPD who never wrote funny posts or cooked anything. She mostly just yelled and tried to clean things. So you’re doing really well, and I appreciate you.

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  3. Hey :)

    I love reading your blog. You are a great writer. I love looking at the pictures you take and then trying to replicate them (and invariably failing but still eating the remains because, even deconstructed, it tastes damn good :D). I am also a manic depressive.

    There are really sucky times with this illness. But remember that you’ve been through them before and you’ll get through them again. This is no comfort when depressed, or manic for that matter, I know this. But try to keep hold of the fact that whilst you have people who care for you with you, you also have people who care for you on the net.

    Chin up and keep smiling. (I hate it when people say this to me, so I say it with the utmost tongue in cheek!)

    It’ll be ok x

  4. Hey! Not that I don’t feel weird because we aren’t, like, best friends who know each other and stuff, but don’t feel like you owe the internet anything. When you’re not doing ok, you’re not doing ok, so even posting the photos is more than enough for your legions of adoring fans. Obviously I’m not the only one who feels this way. Take care of yourself, and don’t worry about the site in the meantime, it’ll keep.

  5. Screw the words. Just give us the ingredients and we’ll wing it. Perhaps it could be a new contest of some sort… A ‘What do you think is in this sauce?’ kind of contest… or a list of ingredients and measurements that you used and we come up with our own recipe…

    OK – if I must say so myself… that would actually be really funny.

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