Frig a little frig of me

The last Frig? finally caused a breakdown with no one approaching the correct answer, which was (and this is verbatim, from the original photo caption): “Salmon with cilantro cream sauce (yuck).”

I went back and forth on today’s Frig?, unsure if I’d be lobbing you an easy shot, but the picture has intrigued me for several weeks.

I think because it’s just so…finger-y.

Seriously, DannoHung, this picture pursues me in dreams. It’s really a problem.

The Frig?

0 thoughts on “Frig a little frig of me

  1. i am so pleased that my photo will live in disgusting infamy on this blog. cilantro is a vile weed and should never have been allowed to defile delicious salmon.

  2. Yeah, definitely French Toast, bread halves neatly stacked like you get at the IHOP/Denny’s/Perkins/Norm’s/Village Inn/Insert your local crappy breakfast place here.

  3. I’ve got to go with French toast in some odd configuration; it’s got that eggy look about it. And a well-browned and tasty (I’m assuming) sausage link.

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