T. G. I. Frigday

We live in scary times: were you aware that there are multiple brands of canned whole chicken? Apparently, it’s quite a lucrative market.

Before leaping below the jump, I want you to close your eyes and think about your responses to these two questions:

  1. Other than whole bone-in chicken, what food would you most like to see forced into a can?
  2. What food product are Germans the most likely to force into a can?


How’d you do?

0 thoughts on “T. G. I. Frigday

  1. I think I’m going to go see a doctor tomorrow. I must be very, very ill. I could swear that can says that it contains a cheeseburger. There must be some problem with my eyes or something.

  2. I’d give money to see what the burger in the can actually looks like.
    No. Wait.
    I guess I’d give money NOT to see it!

    Germans are of course, known for their cuisine….

  3. kristin, you know they have that too. but somehow, that seems less gross.

    rich, can you let us know how that goes? maybe it’s an epidemic.

    js, do you doubt germany’s ability to pull that off? because i’m not sure i do.

    mittany, don’t shoot the messenger.

    anna, they get +2 for spaetzle and strudel and -50 for everything else.

  4. i’d seen the canned burger things on lolcats for a while now. for the life of me i can’t see how anyone could be so desperate for a burger to buy a canned one.

    mom used to can chickens every fall. she’d get her share of roasters, they were frozen. however,the old laying hens were processed into jars for the winter. she’d make chicken ala king or stew or pies with the canned ones. they worked well for when she was planning leftovers but someone would drop by (like the parish priest) and need to be fed. i woulda fed him leftovers (this is a man who insisted we eat the fat and skin on pork hock – he was in the french resistance in the ww ii and didn’t waste an iota of food)

  5. What’s even funnier is the price on the canned cheeseburger: 3.95 euros ($5.00)!!!!!!!
    How fortunate are we that this isn’t available in the US? (thanks for the link Melissa, I now have absolutely no need to investigate this frig any further).

    Um, excuse me, Michelle? Not to be OCD or anything, but weren’t we supposed to get your TNS of Zuni Cafe’s ridiculously complicated chicken and bread salad on Friday night?
    Isn’t today Saturday?

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