0 thoughts on “Get your gross on

  1. The ingredient I don’t like is Buttermilk. Granted, i just finally came in a one-on-one with it today where I found it was horrible.

    So my recipe comes from a general family recipe, no particular cookbook. Which is: Soften onions with/out butter. Add stock and potatoes (and salt/pepper/whatever else you want). Cook till potatoes are soft. Blend. Add cream.

    Tonight’s recipe I was more interested in, so in a large soup pot I:
    1)Softened 3 leeks until transparent, with a pad (just short of a tbsp of butter)
    2)Added 3 lbs of chopped, peeled potatoes, 1 vegetable bouillon cube, 2tsp each rosemary and thyme, 1 tsp black pepper, and enough water just to cover it.
    3)Let simmer until potatoes are soft, then blend with an immersion blender.
    4)In a bowl pour 3 cups of buttermilk. Slowly add blended potatoes until buttermilk warms significantly. Add to soup (this prevents curdling). Blend again.
    5)Let simmer until ready to serve.
    6)Serve with rye croutons. Or cheese. Or bacon. Or a spoon.

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