Thursday Night Smackdown: Mama's Little Joyboy Got Piggy, Piggy

Hello again, everyone.  It’s an honor for me to host my very first smackdown. To prepare, I did “a Google” and learned that “Thursday Night Smackdown” was originally coined by Richard Wagner, in his lesser-known opera “Butterdämmerung” wherein the hero, Helmut, after being jilted by the beautiful Wilhelmina, spends a Thursday night pounding spätzle and jägermeister, and later gets his ass seriously kicked by a troupe of Croatian dwarves- wobbling unsteadily in patent leather pumps- who solemnly intone the Oompa-Loompa song (betcha didn’t know that Wagner wrote that, too) as they beat the living shit out of him. And thus did the sonorous “Donnersdagnachtuntergesmackt” enter our lexicon.

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Excuse me… do you have any Grey Poupon?

Hi everybody. How about a big round of applause for Claudia. Nice job, fret. Another guest host here, trying to keep the smackitude alive (and you entertained) while Michelle pours her life savings down the slots in Atlantic City recuperates. Now this post was originally going to be for Cheap-ass Monday, but Claudia bogarted that, so it will just be a regular old catchy-theme-challenged post that’s differently fun to be around, and coincidentally also suffering from cheapness of ass.

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thursday night smackdown: nashville tn. is in the goddamn house

i was going to say the ‘fuckin’ house’ but i’m still not bold enough to slip that into the title.

ok, so… i know, i know, it’s a bit of of a let down. you come looking for michelle and you get me. i’m incredibly sorry in advance but i’m only apologizing once. so suck it up and read on, my fellow TNS admirers, because we’ve got a smackdown to tend to.

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Cheap Ass Monday: Just eat a fucking burrito, already.

I have gone mildly insane again.* Thus, rather than cook an inexpensive meal tonight, I was forced to go to José Tejas (known to Massachusetts readers as The Border Café) and consume a “Gulf Coast Seafood Enchilada,” a mixture of teeny-tiny shrimp and crawfish wrapped up in flour tortillas and covered with a creamy, cheesy poblano sauce.

They did not cure my insanity, but god help me if they weren’t FRIGGING DELICIOUS. Also $6.99. Why thank you, sir, I enjoy those apples a great deal.

*If you do not care to read about insanity, skip directly to the end of the post for further instruction.

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