Comcast can suck my dick.

I can’t get a fucking signal and I’m about to put my head through the wall. It was all I could do to get this page to load to post these three fucking words about why I can’t get the Smackdown up tonight, let alone upload pictures and write more than two sentences. I was too wiped from work to smack down tonight, and then I got myself to do it ANYWAY, and now I can’t even write the fucking ENTRY.  FUCKITY FUCK.

Also I am cranky.

I hate Comcast.

In the meantime, why not read about some things that probably happened before you got here?  Like this.  Or this. Or that one there.

*Yes, I know I don’t actually have a dick.

0 thoughts on “Comcast can suck my dick.

  1. Ah, “suck my dick” has been my go-to phrase for years. I’m glad to see I’m not alone out there. Use it in good health (the saying, not the dick)!

  2. I hate comcast too. I would have gone without any service sooner than use them again. Even there customer service has to have customer service, you know you’re in trouble when…

  3. a) You have every right in the world to use the phrase “suck my dick” even if you’re a female, or even if you think that is an enjoyable occupation of time. Everyone with a grain of a sense of humor will understand and support you.

    b) You can always buy a strap-on, google “suggested searches” indicated 2,230,000 results for “strap-on for sale”.

    c) I prefer, when I am sufficiently frustrated with someone, like your ComCast, to say “up your dick with a jagged stick”. I find this more cringe-worthy in others.

  4. ya I feel the way about comcast I’m have a lovely time with my internet its totally fuck up but according to comcast it fine but its not because I have no internet connection and the modem I have from them and they say it fine someone is fuck up here and ill give you one clue who it is and its not me

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