This Post : Cop-out :: I : Don't Care

Thank god for lesbians. You know what I’m saying?

I was all set to cook and photograph and eat and write this weekend.  The weather had a little nip.  I had plans.   Cheese was purchased, the better to be made into apple-sharp cheddar muffins with maple glaze.  Potatoes were purchased, destined for a spinach and bacon and hazelnut and comtè-filled gratin.

Then the head cold descended. And now I can’t be bothered to stand in front of a stove and poach yukon golds in heavy cream, let alone double check which way the accent mark goes in “comtè.”

Luckily, my good friend Barbara, while getting a massage with her wife Bridget on Friday, was seized by a sudden vicious craving for roast pork; lesbians are great for things like that.  Even better, she decided to make a big ol’ old-fashioned Sunday dinner, with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots and braised cabbage and leeks and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. There were CLOTH NAPKINS, and we are talking about people who count themselves lucky if the milk has only been sitting out for 4 or 5 hours before they remember to put it back into the fridge.

And best of all, she invited us.  Because she is my good friend, and therefore knows well my relationship with pork.

And I went and I ate and I photographed (only these two, because pushing the button on the camera was surprisingly energy sapping in my weakened state, so thank the lord they’re partway decent).  And I now consider my weekend’s vow fulfilled.

Also: A million thanks to Claudia and Peter for holding down the fort with remarkable aplomb and well-placed profanities.

0 thoughts on “This Post : Cop-out :: I : Don't Care

  1. hey, i too know a lesbian who has a prodigious hunger for pork products; not coincidentally, this lesbian also has a smoker in her backyard. is this destined to be a stereotype like softball? and, more importantly, as long as the delicious pork products keep coming, do we care?

  2. Thank god for lesbians… hehe, that might be the best post teaser ever.

    You have wonderful friends and the plate of food looks so good. Positively cold-vanquishing. I hope.

  3. Welcome back, Michelle. Thanks for letting us play in your sandbox; we were giddy as hungry lesbians with a new smoker to have the opportunity. I’m glad you’re feeling better. (And the accent in Comté goes the other way.)

  4. Lets hope the cold didn’t get in the way of your ability to taste the wonder that is good pork…..
    Pork, the ultimate comfort food (and thank god for lesbians….).
    I hear it’s the new vitamin C.

  5. I’m sorry you aren’t doing well but I do hope you are getting better. The roast pork looks good. I think I might be able to eat roast pork soon. For the record, in case anyone wonders, having your tonsils removed as an adule totally sucks. Liquid codeine, however, is nectar of the gods. Sweet sweet liquid codeine. But still, my throat hurts all the time and I can’t have anything citrus (which includes things with ingredients like lemon or lime juice) or tomatoes. So I feel sorry for me too. I feel less sorry after taking the liquid codeine.

    This was supposed to be a “You rock & are not alone” and “Go Pork!” and a subtle “lesbians do rock” message but I’m not sure I was able to adequately convey them. I blame the codeine.

  6. camille, these lesbians do not smoke, they roast. although i think they could easily be turned to the dark side.

    peter, seriously, the thanks should flow only from me to you. you did an amazing job. now i know what it’s like to be all excited on friday mroning to find out what the smackdown was!

    also, claudia is totally lying. she was.

    julianne, ooh, liquid codeine. i have some leftover from a terrible episode of bronchitis a while back. it gets put into occasional rotation when colds/flus get too severe (like last night, when brian had to go sleep on the couch because i was snoring like an olde english bulldog who’d eaten a gallon of ice cream).

  7. Welcome back Michelle!

    Hope that cold gets better. I just got over one, they suck.

    Claudia is definitely lying. She practically spammed the entire interweb pointing everyone to her post here.

    She’s displaying internet tough guy syndrome.

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