Comcast can suck my dick.

I can’t get a fucking signal and I’m about to put my head through the wall. It was all I could do to get this page to load to post these three fucking words about why I can’t get the Smackdown up tonight, let alone upload pictures and write more than two sentences. I was too wiped from work to smack down tonight, and then I got myself to do it ANYWAY, and now I can’t even write the fucking ENTRY.  FUCKITY FUCK.

Also I am cranky.

I hate Comcast.

In the meantime, why not read about some things that probably happened before you got here?  Like this.  Or this. Or that one there.

*Yes, I know I don’t actually have a dick.

Cheap Ass Monday: My Little Buttercup Has the Sweetest Smile

When you think about it, there’s nothing really inventive or groundbreaking about basing a cheap meal around pasta.  I mean, that’s kinda the point of it, right?  Somehow, though, making the pasta yourself tarts it up enough so that you don’t feel like a total toolbox saying, “Hey, internet, did it ever occur to you that PASTA is an easy and economical meal? I know! Go figure!”

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Man, I wish I lived in Seattle.

Can you deny that tagline?  We should all be ashamed that we didn’t think of this* first ourselves.  Okay, maybe Bittman thought of it, but is he mass-marketing it?  And is he launching it with a wrestling match between an enormous slice of bacon and a similarly-sized jar of mayo?  I THINK NOT.

Please, someone in or near Seattle, go to this.  Go, and take photographs.  Many photographs, in glorious, bacon-y color.  We must live vicariously through you.

*Most wonderful irony EVER: It’s kosher.

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