My recipe cards bring all the boys to the yard

The time is upon us: The First Thursday in October.  You know you want in.  Instructions herePrize is ubercute.

I demand your orange foods, however you choose to interpret that command.  I have a fever, and the only cure is foodstuffs related to the word “orange.”

Get crack-a-lackin’!  Want the badge?  Code after the jump.

Code for your blog monkeys:

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0 thoughts on “My recipe cards bring all the boys to the yard

  1. So I brainstormed in the car yesterday with my boys about orange foods. What we came up with, I have no recipe book that has the recipe in it. If I get the recipe off of a reputable website, say from the food network site, does it still count?

  2. Shame that your fever can’t be cured by more cowbell. Though I guess a cowbell could be orange… not so much edible.

    I’m brainstorming. It’s starting to hurt.

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  4. everyone, let me just say that the food itself doesn’t have to be orange. it can taste orange, be shaped like an orange, be a favorite dish of william of orange, whatever.

    given the strictures of the theme, i will allow recipes from epicurious or foodtv with special preference to recipes that were, at some point, published somewhere.

    let not the pumpkins and butternut squashes be ignored!

  5. so, does curry butternut squash soup count as being orange enough? i guess i could shred a few carrots in it if it isn’t, but i’ve not done that before. then again until i actually made up the recipe last year i’d not made curry butternut squash soup either.

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