Life is so much easier now…

…that I don’t have to go through the trouble of digging out a butter knife every time I want a peanut butter sandwich. You know how it goes: you want peanut butter, but you end up smearing it all over your forearms and the cat and then dropping the knife down the garbage disposal which ruins the disposal and that’s the FOURTH ONE you’ve had to replace this year and the peanut butter smeared all over the cat attracts coyotes who block your way to the car so you can’t get to Home Despot anyway and DEAR GOD WHY ISN’T THERE A BETTER WAY.

But first, congrats are in order to Varmint for being the first to correctly identify the Frig? as a Chicken of the Woods mushroom, as well as for his recently celebrated 1st blogoversary.

And now, the answer to your prayers:

God bless, MisterBisson.


0 thoughts on “Life is so much easier now…

  1. HA! I’m at work, and one of the girls here (who in the past has not read your blog, but will now) just said “The frig?” upon seeing this product.

    Incidentally, I’m curious about the nutrition content of these things (as well as the ingredients that make PB a sheet that can be peeled from plastic.) Not that I would eat one…well, maybe on a dare.

  2. grey rat, i don’t even want to know. note that no where on the package does it say this is actual peanut butter. it’s “PB” “peanutty slices.”

    the horror.

    JS, jelly slices, so we don’t have to get that knife dirty, either. god willing.

    forkful, wait, is it wrong?

  3. That is horrifyingly disgusting! And my nephews & niece would be thrilled! (They’re LOVING the MREs we got here in Houston after Hurricane Ike.)

  4. Holy moley, that looks down right unnatural. Can we have an ingredients check on that one? Does it taste like normal peanut butter? Does the oil separate from the nutty stuff in the packet? Is it more PeterPan/Skippy/Jiffy-esque, or more whole-foody? I don’t know, that shite looks scary… it’s not even the right color for peanut butter. And let’s talk design issues: I would think a long skinny squeezable tube (of tin foil please! let’s not make anything else outta plastic) would work better than a flat short peanut butter package. I understand what they are trying to accomplish, but it seems like it needed a bit more figurin’ prior to release

  5. miadelitala, i think this is much rubberier in texture than you’re imagining, so the packaging isn’t an issue – it’s not meant to be spread. not that that makes anything better.

  6. It was a Chicken of the Woods mushroom? Isn’t that the mushroom I saw once on “Jamie At Home” that looked like some kind of alien life form that threatened to jump up and eat Jamie before the episode was over?

    Of course I scare easily, so if I’m afraid of a giant mushroom, you can bet I’m also a little afraid of PB slices. I can always lick PB off my forearm (or get someone cute to do it for me).

  7. Rebecca:

    I used to eat peanut butter and american cheese sandwiches for my school lunch.

    They’re really good.

    I’d be on these in a heartbeat if I had the money, ha.

  8. Coyotes? Hahahahahaha. Thanks for making me chuckle like crazy before work. Those slices look kinda sinister…Like you could hiff one at someone’s face and it would singe a square-shaped burn into their skin.

    Lovely new layout btw :)

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  12. I loved your Oh My God! The Horror! description of making a peanut butter sandwich… which really captured the emotional impact of those TV commercials for various Things To Make Your Life Bearable. One of my favorites is the woman trying to separate her cooked pasta from it’s cooking water… a tragic, tragic situation UNTIL she bought one of those pots with holes in the cover! Choirs of angels rejoicing, etc., etc. Anyhow, I enjoyed this post. And I share the other posters horror about PB in a slice!!!!

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