Several people came really, really close to guessing the last Frig?, but I’ve gotta give it to eagle-eyed reader Gwynne who hit the nail on the head with her precise answer (and explanation). “Dragon fruit and grape steeped in rice vinegar. It’s drunk diluted in water for beauty and/or health reasons.” Who knew? You do, now.

(All the potato people: Really? Were we looking at the same picture?)

Just as a photo needn’t be gross to be a Frig?, so too needn’t it be complete. Can you see the forest for the tree?

The frig?


  1. … Dont shoot me, your BLAT post still has me salivating so….I have now decided this Frig is actually a close up shot of Bacon!! Probably because I really, really want to eat some.

  2. Looks like a chicken thigh, skinless, to me. I think what’s pushing me in that direction is that little tiny dark bleb that looks like a blood clot.

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