The frig? Does anyone else see a pig snout in this?

As per my plan, you’ve all been snookered by the appearance of “bits” in yesterday’s Frig? Despite Minimally Invasive‘s most excellent response of “chopped up dentures in Greek yogurt” and the many people who thought they saw herring, what you were actually looking at was a vat of plain ol’ sour cream (well played, Traci!) that most likely sat next to these “nachos” in the buffet line.  Viva Las Vegas!

Today’s Frig? may be obvious to all of you but I had no idea what I was looking at, probably because I was distracted by the pig snout.*  In any case, let’s move into the weekend with a kinder, gentler image:

According to Igor Clark, this was actually quite tasty.

The frig?

Also, TNS goes into vacation mode for the next two weeks, which means all bets are OFF.  Next week I come to you from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and you can bet that I will be taunting you with pictures of hush puppies and smoked brisket sandwiches all the live-long day.  The week after, I’m back to drag you all on an odyssey to search for the best hot dog in New Jersey – you didn’t know that northern New jersey was home of the Texas Weiner (purposely spelled “e-i” and not “i-e-” because we like to be difficult), did you?

*I know you see it.

0 thoughts on “The frig? Does anyone else see a pig snout in this?

  1. I’m going to fess up and say that I guessed exactly what this was, but I went ahead and looked at Igor’s picture which disqualified myself. I hang my head in absolute shame, and will not reveal my guess. But I can honestly say that not only did I guess what the white stuff was, but I also identified the arterial schmooze all over it. I did, I really, really did.

  2. Two other things. There’s no way that the prior frig didn’t have something other than sour cream in there. Or else it was really old and spontaneously formed solid masses within. Sort of like my Aunt Mabel, but that’s another story for another day.

    On the second point, enjoy your stay in my home, the Tar Heel State. If your travels bring you to Raleigh-wood, feel free to give me a buzz.

  3. Some form of Eton Mess maybe (do you guys have that in the US?). Otherwise, meringue with cream and coulis of some sort.

    But I agree, there is a definite hint of pig snout in that pic.

  4. That is Sissy Spacek’s breakfast pastry, after it was completely destroyed on the movie set of Carrie.

    It’s wonderful to hear that you’re coming to NC! My hubby and I live in the Raleigh area. The Outer Banks rocks! Have oodles of fun and relaxation!!

  5. was thinking gelato, but closer inspection of the pinky bits, and the ‘scoop’ which is sitting on top of the others in the background makes me think it’s meringues (or possibly macaroons). this is definitely the most appetising Frig posted so far!

    going to follow igor link and see if I can find out now!

  6. My first provoked thought was “Cannoli!” And then I thought about it. Cannolis with raspberry coulis? I see pastry below..

    Perhaps the rare Pig Nose Pocket Pastry.

  7. I too see pigs snout but this clearly has nothing to do with pork. Meringue or whipped cream with raspberry and something nutty. Almond or bits of pecan?

  8. Wait, there wasn’t shrimp in that last frig? Then what the hell was I seeing? Never mind. I don’t think I want to know.

    You’ll also be in my general neck of the woods on your vacation. I’m in Durham. And I know where Annie’s house from Bull Durham is, in case that matters at all.

    Guess for today: Ice cream with one of those liquid shells, like the chocolate syrup that hardens on contact with the ice cream. Do they even make one that tastes like pig snout?

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