The frig? This should have stayed in Vegas.

It’s kinda-sorta-two in a row for catnip, who once again comes closest with a guess of “one of those single serve tuna things.”  Single serve, correct; tuna thing, not quite.

I’ll let the photographer explain in her own words:

“This stuff was horrible! It’s salmon and mandarin orange sauce. I thought it was salmon with mandarin orange slices. Not that that’s any better… So I gave it a try. When I opened it up, I was so shocked and horrified at the appearance that I took my camera and recorded it. It was gross. The taste was not great either. I got this at a Walmart store. I threw it away immediately!”

You cannot make this shit up.  Let us only hope that the photo record teaches posterity a lesson about this supposed “food” product.

Today’s Frig? comes thanks to intrepid traveler and photographer muckster, who, during a recent trip, kept a photojournal of Las Vegas buffet foods.  As a reminder, I assume, never to return.

The frig?

0 thoughts on “The frig? This should have stayed in Vegas.

  1. Eek. That’s gotta be a failed meringue or cottage cheese or something dairy. Texture isn’t right for yogurt, either. I love the yellow shadows, which make this even scarier. What’s the dark stuff? Herring? Sour cream and herring? Am I allowed to have a bazillion guesses?

  2. It looks like one of those weird ambrosia salads that have coconut and canned pineapple and stuff in it…or do those have jello? All I know about that stuff is that I was never brave enough to eat it…

  3. It does look like it has teeth in it. Ew.

    I vote for Watergate salad, the jello plus cool whip stuff that has mini marshmallows and pecans in it, and sometimes pineapple or other fruit. The ladies at my childhood church always made it with lime jello. Thank god that stuff in the pic isn’t green- it would up the blargle quotient significantly.

    (P.S. Love your blog!)

  4. Ambrosia gone horribly wrong (as if it can ever go right!)

    The cream cheese bowl after everyone has been through with their bagel crumby knives and it has sat melting under hot lights?

    Herring in sour cream is a maybe also.

    Its just that it has a particular sheen to it that reminds me of melted marshmallow…This cannot be an iced cake right?

    OK, I give up. What the fuck is that?

  5. Potato salad? Or some kind of mayo-based salad.

    p.s. Although I am not being original, I must say that I, too, love your blog.

  6. I see shrimp. And I think there are some oranges in there, and some capers. Maybe in sour cream and mayonnaise?

    It actually looks like dinner in Hell, undoubtedly accompanied by the musical stylings of Celine Dion.

  7. amy, you are oh so wrong, yet oh so right. best. answer. ever.

    claudia, are you channeling thomas keller permanently? also, you are disqualified.

  8. Okay, for starters, salmon and mandarin orange sauce?!?!?!? Good jesus!! The very sound of that makes me want to hurl!! Next up, today’s Frig. At first glance, it looks like one of the many snow-capped outdoor scenes from the movie The Shining. But with a closer look and further investigation, I can’t tell what it is. It looks like a pile of rocks and peas suffocating in cheap mayonnaise. I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Ha ha ha!

  9. looks like pickled herring with potatoes and sour cream. they must have been at a Norwegian smorgasbord. Only a Norwegian can put that much white food in one place. I speak from experience. Although, I have to say I drew the line at my Grandma’s lutefisk.

  10. Everyone’s right- it’s like it has teeth, or a backbone. And it looks like slimey, mushed up tofu, or Greek yogurt.


  11. I reckon I can see little eyeballs in there… shudders..
    Welcome back Michelle, and dammit you have me checking back here just to see what the fuck these things are.. and for the record I was almost sure the first one was an orange.. honest :)

  12. In playing fair, I haven’t read any of the other replies… but my guess is a Waldorf-type salad that went horribly wrong.

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