The frig? I'm not mad, I'm just…disappointed.

Congrats to catnip and [eatingclub] vancouver js, who came closest to guessing yesterday’s Frig? with “raw dark chicken meat” and “thigh meat-type thing,” respectively.  Sadly, no one got the correct answer, which was ground turkey marinating in soy sauce, and not intestines covered in baked beans. Who knew?  I’ll never look at ground turkey the same way again.

But wait, some of you may be saying, someone “guessed” that!  Why have they been excluded from the adulation?

Because, grasshoppers, they have violated the honor code.  See, these grody pictures aren’t mine.  And that means I have to attribute them, so we know who to blame. And that means that if you click on the attribution, you’ll see the correct answer.

I won’t call out these individuals publicly, trusting that their own shame is punishment enough.  The rest of you though, who have participated honestly, should feel free to chastise openly as you see fit.

Moving on!  The frig?  Someone thought this was not only good enough to eat, but to package and sell commercially?  God help us all, especially those who were lured in by the shiny, colorful packaging and actually bought this.

I’m so sorry you had to confront this, knittingskwerlgurl.

The frig?

0 thoughts on “The frig? I'm not mad, I'm just…disappointed.

  1. why is it called the frig? is that in place of the fuck? or is frig an abbrev for refrigerator? And that photo just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  2. Is that one of those packaged flan things? I really hope not, because I’ve always wanted to try those and if it is, I will instead be grossed out eternally.
    Glad you are feeling better :) It’s good to have you back!

  3. jennifer, yeah, much as i have no issue with cursing i didn’t want a post that said “the fuck?” up every day. and i like “frig” better than “frick.”

    though, if popular demand wills it, i will happily change it to “the fuck?”

  4. I can’t even venture a guess on this one. And I’m not going to resort to cheating, hehe.

    Wait, my guess is…something vile and greasy, packaged in a plastic up with a foil lid.

  5. Okay, first things first. I apologize out the yin yang for “cheating” on yesterday’s Frig. I really am sorry!! Please don’t power nail me to a doctor’s waiting room chair and force me to listen to the muzak version of “Oops I Did It Again”!! It was not my intention to bring any shame or disgrace to The Frig, the host, or the participants. Please forgive me!! Okay, second of all, what in the name of Julia Childs Spy Number 48372B-E893 is that Frig??? Good Jesus! I’ve investigated the picture carefully…I’ve stared at it for several minutes…I’ve looked at the blue container. It kinda looks like some sort of prepackaged greasy chicken soup/casserole. I’m really not sure what else it could be. So that is my official guess! How’d I do?

    By the way, Michelle, I LOVE this game. I’m quite happy as a clam that you’re feeling better. We all enjoy visiting your blog each and every day. You bring joy to the lives of others, and I for one appreciate you and all that you do for us. Keep on smiling!

  6. I LOVE this feature!!! Keep this one up and call it whatever you want. I suck at the game though…I still don’t believe that was a moldy orange???

    This one I have no clue as to what it is but I would never, ever, ever eat it!!!

  7. allison, i forgive you because you used the phrase “out the yin yang.”

    have you ever heard the fountains of wayne cover of “oops, i did it again”? it’s strangely enchanting.

  8. Wow, I actually won something. Well, not win, but sort of came close. You know what I mean.

    Above: only things that come in packages like these are yogurt or jello pudding. But then yogurt wouldn’t have that kind of growth on top. Maybe baby food then? Icky.

  9. That looks like some prepackaged oatmeal looking thing…and who the hell cheated? Sheesh. It’s only a game ferchrisakes. I’m all for the “the fuck?” but I don’t want your page to get an x rating or anything. lmfao

    ps…I have to do my “thursday” on friday if that’s ok…. :/ I got a bonus amount of moo-lah in the mail today, and I ain’t cookin! lol

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