The frig? Someone actually ATE this?

Congrats to Allison, who was the first to correctly identify yesterday’s Frig? as a moldy orange. Or, as the photo’s taker described it, “the booty end of an orange given to me by a co-worker.” A passive-aggressive co-worker who does not like her, apparently.

I was intrigued by how many people mistook the moldy bits for the fruity bits and guessed cantaloupe. Remind me never to eat cantaloupe at any of your houses.

In the interest of not scarring my home page and giving you time to prepare your visual cortex for the oncoming assault, today’s Frig? is below the jump. Because it? Is frigging gross.

Thanks for nothing, curious_spider!

And so I ask you: the frig?

Also, I’m sorry.

0 thoughts on “The frig? Someone actually ATE this?

  1. Sun dried tomatoes under oil still a bit cold from the fridge.

    I’m trying to be creative. Plus it looks just like my jar of SDTs.

    (NOT, I repeat NOT STDs).

  2. I’m gonna have to go with Claudia’s guess…turkey marinated in a soy-saucey mix. A very out there and random guess. Hehehehe.

  3. oh and i love this new frig thing ;)

    as far as answering the other post, you know, i have no idea. i read everything so everything interests me so i have sent the mission to answer what he would like to see on here to PEter (but he is currently playing some silly star conquering game at the moment and if he remembers than yay! otherwise, he has asked me to remind him to answer and that will never happen cause i don’t even remember now what the hell i was talking about.


  4. Good God, that’s disgusting! Bubbling sewage over some poor sap’s intestines?

    Or it could be ground beef (undercooked), bacon, kidney beans and melted cheese.

  5. Intestines of some sort? Tripe, I guess that would be?

    At first I (and my mister, too) thought it was canned chili with some melty broilered cheese action. But that sounds delicious, not frig, so I figured I’d better look again.

    Count the first vote (intestines) as mine, though, and the 2nd (chili) as his, if there are any prizes or honor.

  6. vomit? In a tomato based sauce with bacon and beans and cheese – can’t forget the cheese… although someone would definitely cut said cheese after consuming this slop. or vomit again.

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