The frig? Because Dear God WHAT IS THAT THING?

This edible horror originally photographed and uploaded by Just Jefa.

Yes, it’s food. But what the hell is it?

There’s tons of delicious, lavicious food pr0n out there – Tastespotting, Foodgawker and dozens upon dozens of blogs with professional quality, gorgeous styling and photography.

But where is the hilarious? The grotesque? The truly unfortunate?

I got your grotesque right here, baby. Welcome to a new daily feature: The frig? And so I ask you:

The frig?

Answer with tomorrow’s sideshow of horror. First correct answer gets to bask in the late-afternoon glow of golden self-satisfaction.

Also, did I or did I not ask for some feedback the other day? There are 16 comments, and one is me. I have STATISTICS, people. I know you are out there. I really want your feedback, even if it is “This idea is shite.” Honesty is helpful; I promise I will not hold anything you say against you.*

*Total lie.

0 thoughts on “The frig? Because Dear God WHAT IS THAT THING?

  1. looks like a cantaloupe that would be in my fridge, (you know, for about three weeks too long, and then it gets moved to the counter for a few days, and then the garage floor for a few more days until the flies carry it off elsewhere)

  2. Good freaking lord!! I’m not sure what that is, but it skeers me…it skeers me bad. The obvious guess by first glance is a moldy lemon or orange. However, there are little hints of perhaps an essence of a frozen chill that has come over what ever the heck it is. Granted those hints could simply be uber magnification, forth which to fool the human eye, and thus, rendering me totally incorrect. So, I guess I’ll go with the obvious guess. Moldy lemon/orange. How’d I do?

  3. kristen, i *heart* the gallery of regrettable foods. cracks my shit up every time.

    mamabear, thanks! i don’t do the meme/award thing, but i really, really appreciate it!

  4. Looks like an orange to me. In fact, I think I eaten quite a few navel oranges that have that sort of “don’t look too close at me before you peel me” look.

  5. Oh, my–!! That is truly some horrifying food. It looks like a cross between a cantaloupe and a moldy orange to me, but I can only wonder, really.

    As much as I love good ol’ food pr0n, I think your “what the frig?” idea is interesting. Certainly educational! I hope you keep it up. :)

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