Cheap Ass Monday: Eat at Your In-Laws

Cost for 2: $0.00.  Score!

Meds have been increased, added, and subtracted.  Tests have been taken and statuses are being monitored.  Body parts have been poked and prodded.  Heads have been shrunken.  Feelings have been processed.  Phlebotomists have become intimate with the crook of my left arm (my arm does not reciprocate).

And things are going well, very well, although I’m a little gun shy and am still knocking on wood.

Were I at home tonight, I would have made pasta primavera tossed with some bagna cauda (a pungent saute of garlic, anchovy, crushed red pepper and olive oil).

Come Thursday night, I’m back baby.

0 thoughts on “Cheap Ass Monday: Eat at Your In-Laws

  1. hey. know where you have been and where you are. I am SO glad you have a really strong support system, as I did not most of the time a long time ago (but do now) because that is the most important thing. I am glad you are on your way back, hopefully for good.

  2. Woo hoo! You seem like your old self. Now you’re going to get me back to dorky can’t-wait-for-Friday-morning phase.

    BTW, if you didn’ already know it, you were featured as my Sweet Treat of the Week last week.

  3. No one should use the word “phlebotomist” so casually on a food website. Glad you are getting back in the kitchen… I know for me, when I don’t want to cook, it means I’m broken. I have been there.

  4. Bagna cauda, eh? I didn’t know that was the name of that sauce (or that that sauce had a name). Makes me crave pizza. No, I’m not pregnant. I am, however, eating pizza tonight, I’ve decided.

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