Cheap Ass Wednesday: Il pane della Nonna

I ate too much of this. You will, too.

I was really excited about the meal I was prepping for Cheap Ass Monday when my cheap ass glassware sliced through my priceless right hand and incapacitated me: potato focaccia with onions and a warm white bean and spinach salad. Aside from being delicious, simple and cheap potato focaccia is one of my all time favorite foods.

It’s only recently that I’ve realize that the bread I know and love is actually focaccia; my nonna, who made it in a wood-fired oven off the kitchen of the two-room shack she lived in in the middle of a vineyard just outside Brindisi, just called it ‘pizza’ and that’s what I grew up calling it.* But you don’t get to hear about all that now because of my throbbing hand.

*Important note: My nonna is not dead, she just got a little too old to live in a two-room shack with no hot water and ten thousand stray cats; hence the past tense.

The focaccia was adapted from The Wednesday Chef’s recipe, and if it can’t equal nonna’s, it’s still damn good. The warm bean salad is little more than garlic, olive oil, a tomato, a bunch of spinach, a can of beans and splash of lemon juice cooked quickly in a saute pan, so there’s your recipe. Special thanks go to Brian, who did 100% of the work while I sat on a stool and issued directions.

And that’s about all the typing I can take, so I bring you a Cheap Ass Wednesday in pictures:

A little olive oil, a little cheese, and dinner is served, Pugliese style.

0 thoughts on “Cheap Ass Wednesday: Il pane della Nonna

  1. It’s those onions on top that did it for me. Although, I made an onion tart last night and I swear I have a generalodour of onion. I should probably stay away from them for a while.

  2. Pugliese style? Interesting, one of my favorite people (and a good friend) when I lived up in the New England was a Pugliese who lived up in Medford and Newton.

    Anyway, nevermind that, nice foccaccia!

  3. OK – can approximate warm bean salad from description and I get that the focaccia is topped with olive oil and fresh herb (rosemary?) and gorgeous carmelized onions before baking but there is no way in fucking hell I can figure out the rest of the fociaccia recipe from the pictures, lovely thought they are…….
    Will you post that when the bleeding stops?

  4. This dinner looks like my idea of heaven. That’s not an exaggerated attempt at flattery, I really couldn’t imagine what I’d want more!

  5. helen, the answer is to eat more onions. if both you and your loved ones smell like onions all the time, none of you will notice.

    anna, i used pretty much the exact recipe i linked to from the wednesday chef, just subbed onions for tomatoes on top.

  6. Oooooh. I really need to get on making focaccia. I’ve been dying to make the Wednesday Chef’s version but just haven’t gotten around to it….maybe if I look at it enough times I won’t be able to keep away from the kitchen! Thanks for the pictures of the process, that always makes me more confident.

  7. CK, aw, shucks. worried? about me? blush.

    ECM, hey, beans have protein. and there are some vegetables.

    lisa, let me know how it turns out!

    susan, it was way easy. definitely helped me start to conquer my yeastophobia.

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