ANNOUNCING: First Thursdays!

There comes a time in the life of many blogs when they reach the 5 month, 9 day mark. Today is that very special milestone for TNS, so I thought it only fitting to mark it with a grand announcement.

Start your engines and get ready to smack it on down: First Thursdays are upon us!

If you read TNS, then you know the Thursday drill – I pick a recipe from my cookbook collection, make it as-written, then photograph and blog it. It’s been an invaluable experience; my cookbook collection has never gotten so much use and I learn a new method or work with a new ingredient almost every week. Most importantly, it’s shaken up my standard repertoire and made my culinary world more interesting.

Why should I be the only one to reap these benefits? After all, if you read TNS then chances are that you have a shelf full of cookbooks or a 4-foot high stack of Bon Appetit back issues. And if you’re a normal person, chances are also that you look at the pretty pictures, tell yourself “I really want to make this,” and then…don’t.

So: the first Thursday of the month will be the Special Edition Smackdown where everyone joins in. Go through your books and magazines, find that thing you’ve always wanted to try, and try it. Use an unfamiliar ingredient, drag out the kitchen gadget you’ve never gotten around to using, try a cooking method that makes you nervous. Tell us how it went, how you liked it and what you think of the cookbook/magazine. We’ll all learn from each other’s triumphs, laugh at each other’s failures, learn about books we may not have heard of and eat well in the process. And it’s not limited to dinner, bakers are welcome too. Here’s how it goes:

  • The first Thursday of the month, you make a dish of your choosing from your cookbook or magazine collection. Most months, I’ll announce a theme. For the inaugural event, it’s a free-for-all.
  • Write it up, and send the writeup to firstthursdays at thursdaynightsmackdown dot com by noon on Saturday. If you don’t have a blog, send the details in an email. If you have a blog, send:
    • Your name
    • Your blog’s name
    • Your dish’s name
    • The cookbook/magazine you used
    • The permalink to your entry
    • A 150×150 pic of the dish (optional)
  • Mention the event and link to TNS in your entry, so more people can come play along.
  • The roundup will be posted 10am Monday morning.

We start July 3rd. Again, no theme this time, so pick that one thing you’ve ALWAYS wanted to try and get cooking! Seriously, get a move on; don’t make me look like a douchebag all alone here.

0 thoughts on “ANNOUNCING: First Thursdays!

  1. I’m so in. I was just going through piles of my Food and Wine back issues trying to figure out if any of them were worth keeping for the recipes. They are now!

  2. okey dude. We are going to take this to the extremes, here at the fotocuisine household!!

    So not sure if you know, but I don’t cook. like, at all. I know nothing. actually not true, i have learned from peter what a roux is and why it’s used, but i really don’t think i can do one myself.

    Peter is the son of an artist. And she’s not a bad photographer either. So he knows a little bit about photography, but very very basic.

    So we are going to switch places for this first First Thursday! :D

    I will pick a recipe from my MANY cookbooks i have collected in hopes that one day I would figure out how to cook, or maybe from his very very few cookbooks. (this cracks me up, by the way, the cook has barely any cookbooks and I have millions)

    I have set the rules that we can each ask each other only 5 questions, to make it fun. He really wants to make it so we can ask as many questions as we want, but I am trying to remind him that it is for fun (and learning, with the five questions)and not every meal has to be perfect (or edible *coughfishnoodlescough* ;) )

    oh and I still have to do the post production of the fotos, as he knows not one tiny thing about PS.

  3. Awesome! I’ve imposed a challenge upon myself to cook one recipe from every cookbook I own, and blog about it. I started out strong, but I’ve been slacking lately. Hopefully this can get me back in the swing of things!

  4. Love it!

    I have a shelf of cookbooks that I haven’t even looked through yet. Their purchase coincided with discovering food blogs… :-S

    I’ll try to make the deadline for this month – though am off on holiday on Friday (woop!)

    x x

  5. okay everyone, now that you’ve all loudly proclaimed your commitment i’m going to be ROYALLY PISSED when i only get 3 entries, especially if one of those is just mine.

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