Smoke-a-Thon 2008: The Porkening


Pictures here courtesy of The Girl Who Ate Everything. Olives and cake courtesy of No Recipes. Meat coma courtesy of 60.21 pounds of pork.*

More pics and recipes coming when we recover from the aftermath. More pix after the jump.

*Which means: Evil Chef Mom, you win! Email me the address where I should send your prize. Everyone else: how big do you think my refrigerator is? You’re all nuts.






0 thoughts on “Smoke-a-Thon 2008: The Porkening

  1. Your site is fuckin’ great. Those ribs look orgasmic. And I know good ribs. Ya gotta burn some of that sauce on. The beer looked good too.

  2. I am having ribs tonight and it’s a darned good thing they’ve been cooking for several hours or I’d have to go butcher a hog to have ’em.

    I’d like to share my family’s “pork grace” that we say each time we have said meat at dinner. We bought half a feeder pig named Pinky from some farmer friends a few months ago. Each time Pinky adorns our table we all say, “Pinky was a good pig. …And he’s even better now. Amen.”

    For some reason I thought that’d appeal to you.

  3. If I hadn’t eaten ribs while I was in Calgary last week, I’d be really, really unhappy right now. Actually, I’m still pretty unhappy, but at least I’m not totoally deprived of ribs, just your ribs.

    I’d like to down a few dozen of those cakes and cookies too.

    But what’s with all of those vegetables on the plate?

    Rebecca L: That’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard all day!

  4. Should there be another contest to guess how many pounds of pork are left over? ;D

    Oh my god I wish I had eaten more ribs. I only ate 4! What the hell! I need another chance.

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  6. Dammit, the PORK OJ THE PORK. WHY WHYYYYYY am I cursed not to be able to have a grill right now?? *CRYING*

    Glad you had a successful cookout and meet-up. Quite the variety of beer there!

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  8. Dude… those ribs look right fuckin delish. As does all the beer. Looks similar to the Super Bowl party at my house… but twice as much pig. Jesus, I thought I was hardcore… Looking forward to the writeup!!!

  9. Incidentally, is it coincidence that you share your last name with the brilliant grill creating company of the same name?

  10. teetleworm, glad you like it here. you have the best handle ever.

    rebecca l., best story about pig EVER EVER EVER.

    rob and marc, thanks so much for coming! i’m glad you enjoyed yourselves, and the pork. it was great to meet you in person!

    mike, total coincidence.

    everyone else, eat your hearts out! it was f’ing good pork.

  11. Gaaaawwwwddd daaaaaaammmit that’s alotta pork! And, for the record? I’d rather eat that pork than my heart out. :P How fun to get together with other bloggers! I don’t think there even *is* another blogger in Las Palmas. lmfao Everything looks beautiful, the pork, the beer and the caaaaake. *smacks lips*

  12. Is that a daring baker cake I see in there?

    I was waaaaaay of on the pork estimate, but I think I may have been close on the beer….

    Looks like heaven on a grill.

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    Swung by via way of Pistols & Popcorn. Now I’m salivating, and craving ribs. Looks like a kick asssssss Memorial Day party :)

  15. Uhhh yeah. Just realized that this was LAST year’s porkening. DOH! Your pictures of delicious food distracted me. I bet this year’s was even better :)

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