GIVEAWAY! Guess how many pounds of pork are in my refrigerator right now.

pork.jpgNo really, guess. Closest without going over, Price is Right-style*, wins a copy of Mastering Barbecue by Steven Stines. Leave your answer in the comments anytime up until midnight this Sunday, May 25th.

The reason my fridge is laden with pork is that it’s almost time for our Second Annual Memorial Day Pork SmokeStravaganza, when we fill the apartment to bursting with people who in turn fill their gullets to bursting with pork (We do accommodate our veggie and kosher friends, we’re not heartless…but we use a separate grill so their vegetables don’t contaminate our pork).

I’ll be regaling you with tales and recipes from SmokeGate ’08 all next week and answering your most pressing questions, such as: “Will someone top last year’s pulled pork five-sandwich record?,” “How many sleeping drunks can fit in a hammock?” and “How many hungover partygoers does it take to pay for the hammock they broke while drunk on baby back ribs and homebrew?” Until then, if you’d like to plan your own Porktoberfest, here’s a round-up of pulled pork from around the foodblogosphere

  • Everyone’s got something to say about authentic Carolina pulled pork with vinegar-based sauce, including Serious Eats, The Paupered Chef, and Gild the Voodoolilly. I’ll pay each of them a dollar if they’ll wrestle in a pit of barbecue sauce to determine whose pork is the best.
  • For a light version, Recipe Girl uses pork loin. I’m pretty sure that “lite pulled pork” is some kind of anathema, but I present it here in the interest of variety.
  • Sunday Nite Dinner has an outstanding looking Vietnamese-style pulled pork with lemongrass-caramel sauce that I need to be eating RIGHT NOW, PLEASE.
  • Closet Cooking takes us “South of the Border” for some “carnitas” made with “braised” pork.
  • Meathenge takes pulled pork and makes it EVEN LESS KOSHER with a pork roast braised in milk. It makes Abraham cry!

*My cousin Pam won an RV and a trip to China in the Showcase Showdown in the mid-80s. Also, don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets, or the disembodied head of Bob Barker will haunt your dreams. Or so I’ve heard; I’m not leaving that one to chance.

(Cute piggy pic from Lenndevours.)

0 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY! Guess how many pounds of pork are in my refrigerator right now.

  1. Im thinkinh 44 pounds. Donts know why, it was just what the spirtis told me. Sounds like a fest enjoy. Im going to now look at the non kosher pork braised in milk.

  2. Heh heh … she said pork (and Bob Barker). I’m going with 38 pounds. Only five pulled pork sandwiches for the record?

  3. Just to be clear, we’re talking about the uncooked pork. Another fun game might be to guess how many pounds of fat melt off after all those hours on the barbecue.


  4. Baby, I’ll wrassle in that sauce for free.

    We’re roasting a whole pig in our yard in one month (!!) for a double-birthday thing with the Hubz and a friend. Since you and I think alike in many ways, I bet you bought the whole fucker. And now that I know a typical pig weighs eerily close to what I do, I’ll say you have 150 pounds of pork.

  5. 45. Who the fuck knows? Throwing a number out there. I’ve never had the opportunity to buy 45 pounds of meat, but damn–pig for pulled pork is a fucking awesome reason! (I fucking love that I can say fuck on your blog.)

    Have fun!

  6. *leaning over the game podium looking at contestant’s guess to my left and right* I will go with…….. *look around some more, turn around and listen to my sorority sisters yelling guesses my way, aww who am i kidding, college? really? ;)*

    I’ll go with 56 lbs, Michelle.

  7. Oh man it all sounds so good and I wish I could be there.

    My brother has twice barbecued an entire pig using the “Chinese Box” method. Seeing a whole pig is a bit off-putting, but there is nothing like a pig pickin’. Too bad he’s not doing it this year hmph!

    I’m glad you’re not letting other people’s vegetables contaminate the pork! What a magical meat.

  8. Let’s see – You got pulled pork, and living in NC, I know that means butts or shoulders. Lets say 4 shoulders at 9 lbs each. But then there were also ribs. And everyone loves ribs. You can’t have a rib party and with less than 5 racks. So call it a rib party with 10 racks at maybe 4 pounds each. And maybe there’s a tub of lard in there for making pie crusts or something, and you don’t make pie crusts that often, but you bought the lard for just this one recipe and there’s 2 fuckin pounds of it, but I’m counting it, dammit.

    78 lbs. If someone else guessed that, then closest guess on rib qty should win. :)

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