Official Uniform of the TNS Army

Our official motto: “Pass the fucking salt, asshole.”

Via Gothamist, from (Thanks Pam! I’m not known for my eye for detail, I’m more of a global visionary.)

If I had this shirt, I would wear it every day of my life, including to important business meetings and funerals.

0 thoughts on “Official Uniform of the TNS Army

  1. That’s sick. How do I get you one?

    Also, how does one become an official member of the TNS Army? Is it anything like the KISS Army? If it is, will there be embroidered patches and lunch boxes? And perhaps a comic book?


  2. I got this one for the hubz…

    …and people in Portland can never tell if he’s wearing it to be ironic (we have a lot of vegans). He isn’t.

  3. My god I want half the shirts on that page.

    I wanted the Camp Anawana shirt, but then I considered my age and the time Camp Anawana was relevant and decided that I really shouldn’t advertise the fact that I watched “Salute Your Shorts” when I was over the age of 20.

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