An Indulgence, a Farewell, and Some Udon

The Udon.

That’s some slightly sub-par takeout udon. I didn’t make it (if I had, it would be better). I don’t particularly feel like eating it either, because when I got home from my shitty day at work I ate a bag of cheese popcorn while I watched American Idol. And you know what? I feel better, although I’m not sure if it’s because of the popcorn or Jason Castro’s intoxicating, ukelele-accompanied version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” And if you want to judge my low-browitude, I respectfully suggest that you attend to the beam in your own fucking eye.

You may be wondering why I’m berating you in a post about takeout noodles. I would be too, if I were you.

Indulgence #1.

I’m actually here to warn you: I’m going out of town, and there will be no Smackdown this Thursday.

I know, I know. It’s upsetting. But you know what? Life sucks, get a fucking helmet.

Sorry, it’s been a really shitty day.

Indulgence #2.

I’m including two photos of my fucking adorable-ass dogs here (1) to make you feel better and (2) because it’s my website I can.

I will be in Boston, aka Beantown, aka Soxville, aka WASPy McBerg, first for work and then for fun. I will drink beer, and I will eat food, and I will hopefully remember to take pictures of these things to share.

AND because I care about you, the valued customer, I will hold a special edition FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN when I return, no matter how tired or bedraggled or Protestant I am when I get home from the trip.


0 thoughts on “An Indulgence, a Farewell, and Some Udon

  1. Hey don’t diss my home! Or we’ll have to have a non culinary throw down ;) Let me know if you need any Boston recommendations. And for your own well being stay away from Fenway at game time if you don’t have to be there. Unfortunately that’s right where I work. Good times!

  2. Jason Castro is amazing. I feel like a 12 year old saying that, though. But seriously. And IZ’s version of that song is one of my favourites, so I was excited that he did it. (Seriously, Dustin cringes now whenever he hears it because I have it playing ALL THE TIME.)

    Have fun.

  3. Do you even read my blog any more? I knew as soon as you won RFJ you’d get too big and you’d forget all the little people.

    I’m gonna be back out of town next week too. Happy trails, beeyotch.

  4. I fucking love your blog! A friend turned me onto it because I swear like a sailor on shore leave and cook my ass off to boot! Nice to know someone else shares my two passions! Add another devoted reader to your list!

  5. I love you: you crack me up. YOU are my antidote to a shitty day. I thought I would finally emerge from being a fly on the wall and let you know.

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