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Brian is out of town on business this Thursday evening.  As the Smackdown is purely a team event (at least at our house), and it was his week to pick the dish anyway, tonight’s match has been postponed.  Depending on whether or not I decide to wrest my attention away from the blogosphere and actually attend an actual social event with actual living people, there may or may not be a special edition Friday Night Smackdown.  Which I will call something else so the wrestling organization does not sue me.  I mean, look what they did to the World Wildlife Federation – if they’ll go after the pandas, they’ll damn sure come after me.  Heartless motherfuckers.  (Just kidding!  Don’t sue me for libel!)

Anyway, to forestall any gnashing of teeth or rending of garments, I’ll throw you a bone in the form of my favorite hummus recipe. I don’t remember where I learned the key component of this recipe, but I am forever grateful because it allows me to produce Middle Eastern restaurant-quality hummus in my very own home using canned chickpeas.

The key: getting the skins off the chickpeas.  Processing the peas avec le skin is why the texture of your homemade hummus is never as good as the stuff from the kabob shack (you know it’s true).  I have been known to individually pluck the skins off with my fingers, but you can just stir the peas around in a pot of boiling water.  The skins, loosely attached to begin with, will come off and float obligingly to the top so you can fish them out with a spoon.

For one 15 ounce can of flayed chickpeas (drained, but save the liquid), you’ll need 1/3 of a cup of tahini (I like Joyva the best), 3 cloves of garlic,  and salt, lemon juice and olive oil to taste.  First, whiz just the tahini, garlic and a few squirts of lemon juice and tablespoons of olive oil until they lighten in color and form a smooth paste.  Add the chickpeas and blend again until smooth and pale beige.  Taste, and adjust the lemon and salt to your liking.  If the hummus is too thick, which it probably will be, thin it with the reserved chickpea water.

Now you can save up the $1.50 you spend at Adnan’s Falafel House every week until you have enough to buy me a present.

9 thoughts on “Now Playing: Smackdown, Interrupted

  1. Just wanted to let you know I think you are hilarious. I’m putting a link up to your blog on my blog ( so others can enjoy you, your food and your photos.

  2. Good point with the garbanzo skins. I make a a few Peruvian dishes that require just that and truly I am amazed by the difference in taste. I will have to do the same the next time I make hummus. Thanks for the tip!

  3. If you’re having trouble deciding what to do tonight I want you to know you’re more than welcome to come to my house and cook something for me. :) It’s true. I AM that nice.

  4. I always thought the reason homemade hummus is never as good is because people are afraid to use half a bottle of olive oil.

    Also, don’t think you’re even close to being off the hook, with your excuses and pleading. I’ve got my eye on you. (I’m doing that thing where I point my two fingers at my eyes and then at you to be scary and intimidating. I look exactly like Gary Busey when I do this, so you know I’m serious as a fucking heart attack.)

  5. Claudia: Strawberry crotchless, please. (I’m sorry the rest of you have to be privy to this conversation)

    Life Chef: Thanks for stopping by! I’m on my way to check you out.

    Gretchen: How’s about posting some of those recipes?

    Jodi: I am overwhemled by your kindness. Really.

    Heather: Kiss my fat ass. On second though, if you look that much like Gary Busey I don’t want you anywhere near my person.

  6. Hummus. I used to think it was library paste. All the crap I’d get at the deli tasted about as interesting as Gary Busey looks.
    But I came to Jesus when I finally just made my own. Wait. There’s no Jesus in the Middle East. Never mind.
    Anyhoo…try a hummus sandwich…pita, hummus, chopped parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, and feta.

  7. Getting the skins off is definitely a key step. So is getting a better brand of tahini. Joyva? Ugh. That’s not tahini. Stop by a Lebanese grocer and ask for the stuff he uses at home.

  8. Catherine: i love a hummus sandwich. or a hummus and falafel sandwich. or a hummus and shwarma sandwich. or a hummus an bab ganouj sandwich…

    RtK: hmm. i like the joyva better than the other brands i’ve found in regular stores, i don’t have a lebanese grocer, and the guys at ibby’s falafel aren’t handing out free samples. what’s a gal to do?

    plus, i don’t ever want my hummus to be *really* perfect because then i would have no excuse to go to ibby’s for the shwarma combo platter. and i love the frigging combo platter.

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